Pension Egg FAQ’s

Got a question? We’ve covered the essentials, in around 50 words or less.

What is my Pension Egg account?

A secure online portal where we gather and share information with you. You’ll find videos to help you on your journey and have access to your reports and other important information that will help to speed up your pension check. Create your Pension Egg account now.

Why should I check my pension?

Your pension could be bigger and better. Left unchecked, high charges and poor performance could be eating away at your hard-earned savings. So, when you retire, you could have considerably less than you hoped. It’s simple to fix. Find out how, here

How much will my pension check cost?

We check your pension for free. If we recommend a better pension for you and you ask us to take care of the transfer, there is a one-off fee. After the transfer we continue to manage your pension for you, for which there is an annual fee. There’s more on our fees here.

Why should I use a financial adviser?

It’s a proven that people who use a financial adviser have on average £31,000 more pension wealth*. Plus, your savings for the future benefit from a level of protection. Find out why taking financial advice adds up here.

Do lower charges really make a difference?

Yes! Reducing pension provider charges by even 0.5% could mean thousands of pounds more when you come to retire. We negotiate lower rates for you, helping your new pension to be bigger and better. Find out more about lower charges here.

How do you invest my savings?

Your savings are assigned to one of our pension portfolios. It is this portfolio that determines how your new pension is invested. We’ve ditched the crystal ball and instead use a disciplined and scientific approach to power your pension. Find out more about our portfolios here.

Can I make pension contributions?

Yes! Every time you pay into your pension, the tax man pays in too. So, the more pension contributions you make, the more top ups from the government you’ll receive. Find out more about paying into a pension here.

Can I combine my pensions?

Yes! And it could mean less hassle and a better performing pension. Your free pension check will reveal if you could be better off combining your pensions. If you are, we can take care of everything for you. Find out more about combining pensions here.

How is Pension Egg different?

We’re humans first. To help you achieve the best possible pension, our regulated financial advisers will get to know you. And unlike many financial advisers, you don’t need tens of thousands of pounds in your pot before we will look at your pension. Find out how we’re different here.

How does my pension check work?

With your permission we contact your current providers for the information we need to crack on analysing your pension. We’ll also get to know more about your goals and plans. Then it’s time for your big reveal; everything you need to know to make a decision that’s right for you.

Why does my new pension need to be managed?

Many things can affect how your savings should be invested including: your circumstances; your attitude to risk, and national or global events. With ongoing management, you have peace of mind that no matter what happens in the world, your pension is in the hands of experts.

Need a chat? You can reach one of our egg heads on 0800 304 7299 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

*What it’s worth, published by ILC UK (November 2019)