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Our pension egg heads will get to work investigating: the charges you pay; how your savings are invested; the returns you are getting, and what rules, benefits or guarantees might be attached to your plans.

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We’ll send you a couple of secure, online questionnaires, to find out more about your attitude to investment risk and your household budgets.


Then, when we have all the information we need we’ll arrange a chat over the phone to discover more about you and your financial situation. It’s also a good opportunity to ask us any questions you might have.


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Your report will also state exactly how much it would cost if you like our advice and want to transfer your pension savings to your recommended new scheme.

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“Paying an expert to be told that nothing needs to change is frustrating. That’s why we do things differently with our free pension check. You get to see the full picture without having to pay a fee upfront.”

Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director of Pension Egg.