The big reveal

Your free check will reveal all the facts and figures you need to make a decision about your pension

At the end of your pension check we’ll send you a simple report showing you…

pension recommendation

Your pension recommendation

If there’s a better pension out there for you we’ll let you know what it is and why you should transfer.

pension performance

Past performance figures

We will show you how your recommended new pension has performed over the past 5 and 10 years.

pension charges

Your new pension plan charges

We will also show you if we can lower the pension plan charges you are currently paying.

Important: past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. As with all investments, capital is at risk.

It takes just a couple of minutes to begin your free pension check

pension protection

The protection you would have

Protection is one of the great advantages you’ll get taking independent and regulated financial advice from Pension Egg. Learn more here.

retirement income

Your income in retirement

Based on what we know about you, your finances and your new pension, we’ll have a look at what your annual income could be when you retire.

advice cost

How much it could cost

There’s a one-off fee if you ask us to transfer your pension. It would come out of your pot, so there would be no extra money for you to find.