Combining pensions

If you are better off combining your pensions, we will sort everything out for you

combine pension

The myth

You will always be better off by combining all your old pensions into a new plan.

The reality

Combining your pensions without getting them checked first means you could be giving up some great features and benefits including:
• Guarantees
• A tailored investment portfolio
• Low charges

Why financial advice puts you in control

Combine pension

Check the detail

At Pension Egg we’ll put all your schemes under the microscope, rather than just checking the surface.

Combine pension

Know your options

We will show you which schemes we think you should combine, and those that are doing just fine.

Combine pension

All taken care of

Give us the go-ahead and we will combine your old, underperforming pensions into a new plan for you.

combining old pensions

The benefits of combining old pensions into one new plan

Combining old pensions that are letting you down into a new plan could mean:


  • Less hassle and paperwork
  • Lower charges
  • Higher returns
  • A tailored investment plan

Important: past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. As with all investments, capital is at risk.