Pay money into your pension and supercharge your retirement plans

pension contributions

When you pay into your pension, so does the tax man

Every time you contribute to your pension, HMRC will top it up based on your marginal tax rate. This example is based on the current basic rate of 20%. This is effectively free money and the higher your tax band, the more you will benefit.

So, the more you pay into your pension, the more top ups you receive. Add to this the power of compound interest, and your pension savings will receive a significant boost.

employer contributions

Why your workplace pension means double bubble

When you pay into a workplace pension it’s topped up by your employer as well as HMRC. This is effectively two extra helpings of free money, which is why it makes sense to make sure you are getting the most out of your workplace pension before contributing extra to your personal pension.

employer contributions

Paying into your Pension Egg scheme

When we check your pension we’ll show you the kind of difference increasing your contributions could have on your annual income in retirement.

Love your pension sunny side up…

Contributions are one of the big four things to consider when it comes to increasing the size of your pension. The other three are:






Investment period

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