Managing your pension

Pensions are complicated…we’ll take care of everything for you

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Your best possible retirement income

While pensions are complicated, what people want from them is simple: as much money as possible to live on in the future.

Many things can affect how your savings should be invested including: your circumstances; your attitude to risk, and national or global events. We’ll make sure the precise mix of your investments is always right for you, whatever is going on in your life or the world around you.

With Pension Egg you’ll be a disciplined investor

Managing pension


Your savings are invested in many baskets, managing risk.

Managing pension


Investment decisions based on known facts.

Managing pension


A calm and rational approach to investing.

Managing pension


Using tech for lower costs and higher gains.

Managing pension


Taking into account your bigger picture at every step.

50% more…on average this is how much more pension wealth people have when they receive financial advice at least twice. 1
managed pension

Independent, regulated advice when you need it

You’ll get all the pension facts you need as part of our quarterly updates and annual reports. This includes how much your pot is worth and by how much it has grown.

You’ll also have access to financial advice whenever you need it. Because whatever path you choose, greater financial peace of mind should mean more freedom for you and your family.

managed pension

1What it’s worth, published by ILC UK (November 2019)