Financial advice adds up

People who take financial advice are, on average, £47,706 better off1.

pension protection

Protection for you

Your savings for the future are automatically protected when you get regulated, independent advice for your pension. With Pension Egg:

  • Your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which means you can get up to 100% of your money back if the provider responsible for your pension fails.
  • You have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which means additional security around the advice we give you

Less hassle for you

Pensions are complicated, so trying to sort everything out yourself can be a big headache. At Pension Egg, we’ll take care of everything for you including:

Financial advice

Tracking down your existing pensions and providers

Financial advice
Analysing your schemes to see what’s hot and what’s not
Financial advice
Seeing if there is a better plan out there for you
Financial advice

Transferring your savings into your new scheme

Financial advice

Keeping your new pension plan on track for life


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Your best possible future

Your pension is basically a pot of money for your future. And the more money you have in your pot, the more flexibility and options you’ll have leading up to retirement and beyond. That’s why financial advice adds up, because people who take it are better off.
financial advice

1What it’s worth, published by ILC UK (November 2019)