Your Pension Egg fund manager

Discover why we use Dimensional to give your savings a competitive edge

Dimensional fund managers

What fund managers do

Pensions have many moving parts and processes. At the front line of these processes is the buying and selling of shares that make up your investment portfolio.

Like most financial advisers we use a fund manager to buy and sell shares. Unlike most financial advisers, we have access to what we believe is one of the best fund managers in the business. Dimensional.

Dimensional fund managers

3 key benefits of Dimensional with Pension Egg

Dimensional funds

Lower management fees

Our clients benefit from lower fund management fees because of Dimensional’s efficient, technology-led approach.

Risk and reward

Balancing risk & reward

Through Dimensional we invest money in thousands of companies worldwide, which helps to spread investment risk for our clients.
dimensional fund performance

A history of outperforming

Historically, Dimensional funds have consistently outperformed industry averages, which is mirrored in the performance of our pension portfolios.

A perfect fit with our investment philosophy

Dimensional is set up with the aim of achieving higher than expected market returns. This aligns perfectly with our investment philosophy:

“Our aim is that more often than not the investments you make through Pension Egg will beat the average market return by a small yet significant amount.”

Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director of Pension Egg.

Dimensional in numbers

$514 billion: the value of assets Dimensional has under management1

1981: the year Dimensional was founded

1,400+: Dimensional employees spanning 13 global offices

4: the number of Nobel laureates Dimensional has worked with

1: investment philosophy

1As of 30th June 2020